Fire Island Edith Kevin Cunningham
The Art of Abundance Buddhist Nun Dragon Lady Media
Transamerica Sandi Duncan Tucker
Blissville Mrs. O'Leary J. Randle/C. Walsh
A Dirty Shame Sex Maniac John Waters
The Touchstone Mrs. Sumner Robert Remy


Internet / Television


Issues / The Series Bobby
The Wire Newspaper Editor HBO
Something the Lord Made Doctor HBO / First Cut Productions




Fire Island Edith Kevin Cunningham
A Tuna Christmas Various Roles Spotlighter's Theatre
A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge Fells Point Corner Theatre
The Vagina Monologues Various roles Harrisburg PA
Amphion Borzuya Baltimore Rock Opera Society




United Way Caregiver Nat'l Campaign Film
Arnold Worldwide Print Disgruntled Office Worker Nash Films / Targus




General Courses Intermediate / Advanced AADA / West
Scene Study / HB Studios Advanced Scene Study Bill Hickey
MFA / Theatre Advanced Theatrical Study University of Texas


Special Skills


Accents & Dialects (Eastern European/Russian, Irish, German, French, Australian, and several different British and American regional accents), Whitewater rafting, Horseback riding, Tennis, Softball, karaoke, and I'm a damn fine rock 'n roll singer.  I can drive, I've got a car, and I show up on time!